The Foundations of Belmont A.M.E. Zion Church

Belmont A.M.E. Zion Church was founded in the belief that communities must learn to help themselves. Our work is founded on the following five pillars of faith:


  • A duty to reach out to the less fortunate
  • An obligation to lead by example
  • An all-inclusive approach: We help everyone regardless of their religious beliefs
  • Acceptance of the fact that we, too, may someday require assistance in our time of need
  • The path to salvation lies in Jesus Christ



The Ministry:

Bro. Dana Kelly - Local Preacher

Rev. Johnny Yelverton Jr. - Elder

Rev. Dr. Celestine T. Reid - Elder

Rev. Margaret R.E. Lawson - Elder
The Rev. Clyde D. Talley - Pastor
The Rev. Lloyd W. McKenzie, Jr. - Presiding Elder

Mrs. D. Diane Proctor, Missionary Supervisor

Rt. Rev. Dennis V. Proctor - Presiding Bishop



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